Romany Gypsy quartet Faith I Branco

From the Guardian Review

Faith and Branko Ristic are a married duo whose fusion style is almost as colourful as their history. Faith is an English accordion player and pianist who was working in a circus when she decided to travel to the Balkans to search out a Gypsy violinist to join the circus band. She met the inspired Branko in a Serbian village, and their debut album chronicles their often difficult romance, beset as it has been with problems of visas and cultural identity. Musically, it’s a delight, with Branko switching from exuberant Balkan Romani styles to ragtime, classical influences and reggae, with Faith adding tight accordion backing and solos, and switching to piano for the elegant lament Valjevo.  Tickets £12.50

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Mar 18 2023


7:30 pm - 10:00 pm
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