The romantic twenties

An evening of songs by Steve Welch accompanied by Alistair Auld and a book reading of Wayward Daughter a new book by Brenda Squires.

The focus will be on the 1920s which was the decade of all things NEW — a new kind of economy, fashion, thinking and a new modern woman. Gone were the corsets, elaborate long hair, layers of petticoats, as well as Victorian morality. You were “not what grandma used to be. Oh contraire!” You worked, made your own money and had your own place. You were emboldened by the right to vote. Some say you pushed the boundaries too far — smoking, drinking, showing your knees, carousing at speakeasies. No longer tied to tradition, you redefined what it meant to be a lady. It was the perfect time to be young and thin (isn’t it always?) and still pretty heady even if you weren‘t. As a woman you now had freedom to choose. Who would you vote for? What career would you pursue?


Oct 23 2022


7:30 pm - 9:00 pm
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