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Active from 1st January 2016, our Rhosygilwen Membership Card offers fabulous discounts on tickets for Menter Rhosygilwen events.  We’re also delighted that local businesses have agreed to offer Members generous discounts on meals and other services.

  • 20% discount on up to 2 tickets per event at Rhosygilwen
  • Discounts of 5-20% on meals and local services with restaurants, galleries and other businesses
  • Invitations to members exclusive events at Rhosygilwen

As a cardholder, you’ll be supporting our concert, theatre and literature programmes, helping us to continue to develop Rhosygilwen as a place where everyone is inspired by the Arts.

To join the Rhosygilwen Members’ Card scheme, simply complete a form next time you come to Rhosygilwen and hand it to the ticket staff, or send it to the manager. You can pay by cash, card or direct debit.

Or call Rhosygilwen on 01239 841387, and we will send a form out to you.

rhosygilwen membership card