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The Drama Club

The Drama Club is a new venture here at Rhosygilwen run by our resident playwright Richard Lewis Davies. Richard will develop original and established works. He is currently working on projects with the National Theatre of Wales and Broken Souls Theatre Company and...

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Young Musicians, Mexico and Musical Coups

Some highlights from this year’s Festival The programme for the internationally-acclaimed Fishguard International Music Festival, which runs from July 19 to 30, is the first to be put together by new joint artistic directors Peter Donohoe CBE and Gillian Green. And...

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Ddalith dim byd fwy na’i lond.

'Ddalith dim byd fwy na'i lond'. Can anyone find an English equivalent of this Welsh idiom? I remembered it today while putting chairs on a trolley in Rhos-y-Gilwen. Literally the expression means: 'Nothing will hold more than it can take'. Mae'n rhybuddio dyn rhag...

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