Climate Change-The perfect storm for humanity

Climate Change-The perfect storm for humanity

Sunday, March 17
12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

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This is a Sunday runtime talk. Your booking includes lunch and talk by John Rhys, an expert in this field of Climate Change. He gives us an insight into a disturbing future and what we need to do as citizens to minimise its effects.

Dr John Rhyswas sometime (1980-1987) Chief Economist at the Electricity Council, the body then responsible for coordination and regulation of the publicly owned electricity industry. He subsequently joined an economic consulting firm, where, prior to becoming MD, he was closely associated with the design of the original market and regulatory framework for UK power sector privatisation.  He has also worked extensively on energy sector projects worldwide – in countries as diverse as India, China, Vietnam, Jordan, Senegal, Poland and Bulgaria – with the World Bank, other development agencies, the European Commission and national governments.

Electricity and energy have become of critical importance in the context of climate change, a subject in which John has long been interested. One crucial connection is that most low carbon sources of energy, including nuclear, rely on electricity as the vector (ie the energy “carrier”) that makes them useful in a modern economy. He is currently a Senior Visiting Research Fellow attached to the Oxford University School of Geography and Environment (SOGE). He is focused mainly on a major interdisciplinary study within the Oxford Martin School on the integration of large scale renewables within low carbon systems. All this means his research is technical and policy focused, but is also closely connected with the climate science work and innovatory approaches to energy production and use in the university.

Originally a mathematician by training, he has followed the science of climate over several decades, observing the controversies and uncertainties. Overall the subject is very wide ranging, but John is going to try to take us on a journey from the science fundamentals through to the impacts of climate change, and includes what this all looks like from an international perspective.

Sunday, March 17 at 12:30 pm - 3:00 pm

Location : Neuadd y Dderwen

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