Trouble began for Calan when the US embassy computer system broke down which resulted in two band members not having the correct paper work for their visas.  This resulted in them being held in a detainment cell at Chicago airport along with a death metal band from Estonia.  Sam, the guitarist from Calan said ‘It’s a pity we all weren’t allowed our instruments in the cell we could have created one hell of a fusion’. They were deported back to the UK but re-entered the US a few days later with the correct paper work only to find themselves crouched  in a basement in New Hampshire hiding from a tornado.

The visa situation eventually resulted in Calan being mentioned in a debate in the House of Commons. The band were hoping for some good live reviews in music magazines but didn’t expect to have their name featured in Hanzard.

And it didn’t end there; at the International Festival at Lorient the band caused chaos when security officials tried to halt the Calan show at the Welsh Pavilion situated opposite the harbour.  Apparently the crowd grew so large that there was a danger some of the audience might have fallen into the water. Staff could see security guards frantically gesturing but thought they were jumping around to the music. (Or so they said)

It’s understood that officials were due to visit the Welsh Pavilion the next day to give staff a stiff talking to.  Fortunately for Calan they were on the ferry back home the very next day.

However 2015 wasn’t all trouble and strife as most of the year resulted in Calan playing to capacity audiences with some of their biggest shows to date.  One highlight was appearing alongside Bryn Terfel and Sting at the Royal Albert Hall to celebrate Bryn Terfel’s 50th birthday.  They played major folk festivals throughout the summer and performed another live session for BBC Radio 2’s Mark Radcliffe show after which one of their songs, Tale of Two Dragons, inspired two listeners from Colorado to create a snow sculpture for a competition.  The band are hoping to hear the results and see some pictures.

 In 2016 Calan will be touring the UK in May and November with another two tours of the United States in August and September.  They will be playing Celtic Connections in Glasgow and for those who can’t get a ticket Calan will be recording a special session for BBC Radio 3 live from the festival.  In February they visit Kansas City to attend the International Folk Conference then on their return begin recording and creating a new show for winter 2016.